Thursday, April 10, 2014

DIY Sewing extension table for under $10

I am working on a Block of the month quilt this year and I would really like to make it with the quilt as you go method. I one problem I have is I don't have a proper quilting set up in the dungeon. I needed a sewing extension table for my machine.

I started to look around for one and HOLY COW the prices!!!! and not only are the prices nuts I couldn't find one for my machine. I had almost given up when I came across a picture of one someone had made out of foam. JACKPOT!!!

I set out to the craft store but I was disappointed. I found the foam but the sizes were to small and the price was not that great. Yes I could have used a coupon but I would have had to buy 4 of the 12 x 20 to make the height and length I would have needed to fit my machine.

I was about to leave the store when I saw the perfect answer!! Foam board!!! Yup you read it right that same stuff that all the parents out there have to deal with when the science fair comes around.

It was the right size that I needed and the best part it was on sale for a DOLLAR!! where the other stuff that was 12 x 20 x2 was $15 each.

I picked up 6 of them and a clear shower curtain ($1) I wanted to get a clear table cloth but where I was didn't have one.

Here is how I made it. Sorry some of the pics are fuzzy but I was making this in the middle of the night lol.

1-  make a template of your sewing machine and transfer it to 5 of the foam piceces and cut it out.

2- glue 4 of them together then wrap the curtain around the stack. ( forgot pic sorry) but do not go all the way around because you will not be able to glue the last piece to it. only go in an inch or two.

3- glue on the last piece to seal in the plastic. I used clear packing tape on the sides to lock all the pieces together.

4- Take your last piece of foam board and 2 inch strips from the 20in side then cut 4 - 5in pieces from that.

5-  These pieces and the cut outs from the other 5 boards will be your legs. Make 5 stacks what ever height needed for your machine (don't forget to add the thickness of the table part) Then glue them together.

6- then the stacks are dry you can add them to your bottom of the table.  I added the one in the middle to help support it.

7- Flip it over and add some weight on it as it dries. AND YOUR DONE!!

I hope you like it. Go ahead and give it a try. I know I love it and at $7 vs $99 I will be happy to make it again if it gives out :)


Thursday, March 20, 2014

TTMT March

3 months in a row WWWWWWooooooWWWWW lol

I hope I can keep it up!

Shoe swap pics

And we have the pics!!! I was going to hold off doing this post for a bit but I will be very crazy busy for awhile so I figured I would put this up now.

The names are of who made them not who got them. Show them some love peeps!!!!!!!







Thursday, February 20, 2014

TTMT for Feb - really long sorry

Wow I had a lot to share!! Sorry that its soooooooo long and in 2 parts. Hopefully next month It will be better.


Jen Sewhooked -


Paper Piecing Vintage -

POD (harry potter and other Fandomes)

video   -
Pattern -

Making wedding gift

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Gift for a Friend

I made this for a friend's wedding

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

TTMT 1-21 Hi there

the Awesome Jen Sewhooked -

Paper Piecing Vintage -

TTMT Community -

Music by Kevin MacLeod,; Licensed under Creative Commons

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Swap time!

Happy new year everyone!

It’s Swap time!

I has so much fun with the Mask swap last year that I thought I would do another one. What are we swapping this time? When I am glad you ask!!! How about …..

A SHOE!!!!!

That’s right alter a REAL shoe. We have all seen them and even watched videos on them so why not do one!! This will be a one on one swap and the shoe can be altered to do something (like a holder of something) or just look pretty. Also the person sending to you will not be the person you sent to. It’s a secret shhhhhhhh

Details :

The deadline to sign up will be Jan. 30th and on the 31st I will send out who you will send to.

You will have till Feb. 28th to mail out your shoe.

Shoe must be US size 5-7 womans. Please look at chart to see what size that is in your part of the world. ( hit up the thrift stores peeps)

The reason for limiting the shoe size is 1 shipping and 2 I don't someone to work on a size 12 and do all this work and then get a kids size 3. Trying to keep it fair.


1.       You MUST email me your address to by Jan 30th   11:59pm Eastern  to be in the swap.  You cannot just tell me I have to have an email. Please put Shoe swap in the Subject line and be sure the your address is correct. This email will be forwarded to the person sending to you.

2.       This is an open swap and there will be people overseas playing along. You MUST be willing to send internationally. The drawing of partners is random I will not be match making.

3.        You MUST send me a BEFORE AND AFTER picture of your shoe. In the last swap a lot of people wanted to see the end result but some people do not have blogs so I will be doing a blog post with all of the shoes done once everyone received them.

4.       This is Artist choice as far as color and style of the shoe.  I will not be asking for peoples favorite colors styles ect.  You MUST be willing to be open to all forms of art. The drawing of partners is random I will not be match making.

5.       TO THE SENDER: if you want to make it in the persons favor color or style you will have to enlist the help of spies. Unfortunately I will not be able to help on that part sorry.

6.        MOST INPORTANLY if you cannot send it to your partner on time or at all you MUST  email me ASAP! I hope that we will not have that problem due to having a month to work on it but I do understand that life can happen.

So what do you say are you in?? I hope so and I cannot wait to see all the all the wonderful piece of art you peeps make!!!